Monday, July 20, 2009



Finally BAck

IGht Look, Fuck Em all

IM Doin Me n standin By the People Who Held me Down To keep Me Up

Im On my MUsic shyt HEavy So Do YA Push Ups Cuz Ima b On Sum Next Level Shyt

Im trynna get everything not new done so i can Focus On fresh ideas n Not Worry Bout HAven the PAst n the PResent MIx With the Future

All i need Is Sum Tyme To Record My Mind n Ill B Fine lol

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Im SLACKIN LIKe IM trynna b Formal

Y I DNT no

its One OF those Im Hurtin myself N No Im Doin It But i CAnt Stop.
I LOve Music N Its Liek I Need it But yet i Keep It Behind What Im Doin. LIke In My Hearts MUsics 1st But I Leave it For LAst

IMA CHANge that

Ima make a Change i need to b Me N Stop being 75percent of Me

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



But this Dat STRAIGHT RAWWW FLOWN IN from u GUess It NEW ORLEANS lol HAAAa im b Tweakin But i No Care. This Shyt BudtastIc. Nigga Flow Iz BLACKIn N The SHyt He Say ODeee WAVEYYY HAd ME On MY Tpain SHytt (IM ON A BOAT LOL)

But YEa ROCk Out to this Shyt N wen the Ego TRip LAnd MAke Sure U Go 4 the RIde lol

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not Even a Fight

THIs IS like MUhamed Ali vs Mayweather

Both HAve Skillz But they In 2 Different Skillz u Cant Compare THem But If u Do IMA Give It To L. Nigga HAd That 2000 FLow in the 90s. He Was a Beast No Questions ask. Em Iz NIce But Not L NICe

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whos The best pt. 2 lebron try again next year lol

I thoguth he Liked Lebron

But weezy Goes Off On this

Comparing Himself To Kobe At His Best N thats wats UP lol

HEs the Greatest on the Court n IM the Greatest On the Verse

weezy Really Goes In On this N u Gotta FUCk Wit It

Im Now a KObe Fan lol But JUs Listen N Comment i wanna no how People Feelin

i Aint got MUch to Say Cuz Im At a LOst 4 Words its amazin HOw weezy N Hov Do It

EVEN 23 Gotta LOve HOw i Do ME

PArt.1 Whos the BEst? R.I.P Tpain lol

New MUsic Is What I LOve N MY Nigga Hova Never Disapoints Me


HOV GOES In on this

He Speaks The TRuth N On FUckin Wit it

He Goes Off Its More than JUs Auto Tune ITs about the Bullshyt Songs Niggas Been Puttin out.

THis Aint for ITUnes NIGGA lol No 4 a Ring tone lol


n WHen THe EGo TRip LAnds I wonder How People Gone Feel? ?

But Yeah THis my NEw Shyt Cuz He Really On His shyt Rite NOW lol
But wat bout weezy>? ? ?

Friday, June 5, 2009

DrOhAwk Or No?

So Im Chillin Lsitenin to Sum freestyles N Stuff n im Bouta get a HAir Cut n dnt No If i Wanna Go DROHAwk or Not ? IZ it 2 Early? Who Noees But ill figure it out wen i get downstairs lol